Homemade Cleaners

The cost of living nowadays is vastly different from generations ago when our great grandparents dwell in our place. We may live a more comfortable lifestyle, where we get to enjoy various ways that make our lives easier and more efficient than our great grandparents, but we cannot deny the fact that the prices of commodities have sky rocketed to such new heights that there may come a time that we ourselves cannot get to enjoy them as much as we are doing right now. Let us take home cleansers as an example. With the advances and researchers the cleanser factories develop to provide us with a cleaner and germ-free environment, we pay large sums of money just to obtain them. So we have to live in a less sanitary home, right?


Wrong. Our great grandparents did not have these cleaners back then. They relied mostly on the available materials around them that they found to have the same effects on sanitation that we get from commercial cleansing products. We only have to review what they know to get the same advantages they have. Hence, we cut down on our expenses, and we get the benefits of a sanitary home, too. Not only that, we make our living quarters safer to live in by eliminating almost all the chemicals we get from cleansers that are in the market today. These cleansers are poisonous, and some are even said to cause cancer and respiratory problems.

Cornstarch, ammonia, borax powder, vinegar and simple water can do the trick. With just a bit of guidelines on how to mix them properly, we get the same powerful cleansing materials that are safe and easy to use. Soap granules are also found to be effective on problem spots in our sofa upholstery and walls. This is not as expensive as the chemical products found in stores today. Baking soda can also do wonders to your kitchen wares and rugs.


With these homemade cleaners that our great grandparents enjoyed, we get to live in a germ-free, clean environment without the constant worrying of what it will do to our pockets. We get to take pleasure in a safer home, because we eliminated chemicals that can wreck havoc in our lives. So why not try some of the all-natural homemade cleaners today? You just might save yourself some money.









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