How to make Green Beer

Ahh!!! Green Beer. I'm not Irish but you have to celebrate St. Patty's day with a green colored pint. There are two ways of making green beer. You can make your own when you are actually making beer. Or you can make it when you open a fresh beer. It is easier to make a light colored beer green (it will take less food coloring


How to make green beer when making beer:

Grab a microwaveable glass and put an once of water in it. Then add 5-7 drops of green food coloring to it. Mix the solution and microwave it until it boils. Let it cool, then add a few drops (2-3) for every beer you plan on making. Your may have to make more of the solution if you plan on making a lot of beer.


Here's how to make green beer if only for 1 beer:

Grab a mug or glass add 2-3 drops of green food coloring. Then pour your beer into it. If you add the drops after you have poured the beer it won't mix.



To turn dark beer green you will have to add more coloring.









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